Cory Bhowmik


Hey, everyone! My name is Cory Bhowmik, and I'll be one of your College Assistants (CAs) during the 2016-17 school year! I am a junior majoring in Electrical Engineering and on the pre-medical track. My primary research interests lie at the intersection of physics, electrical engineering, and neuroscience - and I am currently in a lab that works with molecular biology and biophysics. Aside from doing research, I volunteer with Lucile Packard Children's Hospital, teach middle school students about health/wellness, and work with a couple of research journals on campus. In my spare time, I enjoy playing soccer, running, and watching/re-watching Friends and House of Cards. I'm also a huge fan of coffee and dark chocolate (especially when together with ice cream). I can't wait to meet all of you in the fall!

Querida De La Stukes


Hello beautiful people! I'm Querida De La Stukes, and I'll be one of your College Assistants (CAs) this year. I'm a junior History major candidate, with a concentration in Military History and potential dreams of going to grad school in the future. On the Farm, I have been a Stanford Peer Facilitator with the program run through the d.School, assistant costume designer for the AATP, a world traveler through BOSP in Florence, and a Chappell-Lougee scholar. Through the Chappell-Lougee I was able to design my own research project and go to England, so if you're interested in discovering the many opportunities the Farm offers then let me know if you want to talk! When I'm not doing readings and writing papers, I love taking pictures, adventuring, reading (for pleasure), and binge watching Netflix. I am so excited to be a CA and get to know all of y'all, so feel free to stop by anytime! I cannot wait to meet you all in the fall!

David Delgado de Robles


Hey everyone! My name is David, and I'm very excited to be one of your CAs this upcoming year (A1, best one!). I'm from Spain, was born in Ecuador and lived most of my life (14 years...) in Argentina - basically a citizen of the world. I'm a Junior majoring in Chemical Engineering, and I love it! On campus, I'm part of Stanford's Men Club Rugby (hit me up if you want to try this cool sport!), and a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity. As you will learn with time, I'm a huge sports fan, both to watch (leggo Real Madrid) and to play (IM FroSoCo let's go!). I will organize many soccer/football/volleyball/Frisbee games in the beautiful green area near our dorm (and I'll try not to get too competitive). Also, we'll roll out to all of Card's Football games and dance to the Band's music. I'm looking forward to meeting you all in the fall!

Hormazd Godrej


Hi everyone! My name is Hormazd, and I will be one of your CAs next year. I had an amazing time in FroSoCo during my Sophomore year, and I look forward to an exciting year with all of you! I am a Junior from Mumbai, India and am majoring in Biology with a specialization in Computational Biology. Some of the student groups I've been involved with are Stanford-In-Government, the Stanford Pre-Education Society, Cardinal Zoroastrians, and the Interfaith Action Council. In my free time, I like running, playing board games, hearing puns, learning about DNA and reading the news. I enjoy having conversations about politics (American, International and on-campus politics) and I love hearing the unique perspectives of people from all sides of the political spectrum. My other favorite conversation topics include science, religion, philosophy, history, young adult fiction and pop culture. Other fun facts about me: my favorite film is The Dark Knight; favorite TV show: Breaking Bad; favorite author: Dan Brown and favorite band: Coldplay! I'm really excited about the extremely fun time we're all going to have together in FroSoCo!

Nichelle Hall


My name is Nichelle Alston Hall and I will the Resident Computer Consultant at FroSoCo this year. I am currently a sophomore studying Computer Science with the ambition to combine my passion of ethics and computer science to pursue a career in academia. On campus I am a core member of the Black Student Union and NAACP, as well as being heavily involved in the Who's Teaching Us? Campaign. I am love with activism and ideas of effective altruism to effect positive change. Along with this, I love to listen to hip-hop (or any music for that matter) and discuss the philosophical messages of Kanye West. Feel free to knock on my door if you want to make a green smoothie, talk about kombucha, or fan girl about hummus. I am also down for nighttime adventures across campus to pick fresh fruit from trees.

Ben Jin


Hey all, I am Ben Jin, your CA on the third floor of Schiff. I'm a senior studying Biology and Feminist, Gender, & Sexuality Studies. Past classes and being a residential cowboy, I do research at the medical center, studying the role of an enzyme (casein kinase 2) within two malignant brain cancers (glioblastoma and medulloblastoma) and how it contributes to their proliferation. I'm happy to talk about whatever's on your mind, and especially happy to listen to you talk about whatever's on your mind. Fun fact, I can sleep pretty much anywhere, in any position. Once after a late night of pipetting, I slept in the lab by placing three swivel chairs linearly and using a sweater as a pillow. Sophomore summer, I managed to live on Stanford campus without paying for housing by sleeping in my car and in-and-out of kind people's sofas. Feel free to ask me for other helpful tips on surviving this campus, but perhaps, under your discretion, keep some of those tips away from the authorities. Excited to meet y'all and take in your collective thoughts and words. S3!!!

Diana Le


Hi everyone! My name is Diana Le, and I hail from San Jose, California but I hold steadfast loyalty to my birthplace Montreal, Canada. I am a senior majoring in Computer Science with a concentration in Artificial Intelligence. On campus, I am involved in Alpha Kappa Psi and alpha Kappa Delta Phi, and I have written for the Stanford Daily as well as the Clayman Institute of Gender Research. I am a big Francophile and if you're unlucky enough to catch me talking about having studied abroad in Paris, be prepared to hear me drone on and on about it. I also love talking about music and film, learning new life skills, and traveling. Come by my room to chat anytime!

Sydney Osifeso


Hey FroSoFam! My name is Sydney, I use she/her or they/them pronouns, and I will be staffing as one of your CAs this year. I am a senior studying Psychology and Feminist, Gender and Sexuality Studies, hoping to bridge complex understandings of identity with mental healthcare practices. I'm a peer advisor for Psych and writing my senior honors thesis through FemGen, so hit me up if you have questions about either program or if you just want to chat about intersectionality, queerness, and radical self-love. You can catch me around campus at Black community events, working with the Diversity and First Gen Office, and organizing with FLIP. This is my fourth year living in FroSoCo, and I can honestly say there's no place like it. Welcome to one of the most vibrant, engaging, and loving communities on campus. We can't wait to make this your home.

Kylesh Sharma


What's up FroSoCo!! I am your Oral Communication Tutor, or OCT for short. I'm a junior majoring in Human Biology with a focus on bioethics and the impact of biotechnology on health policy. I also do molecular cell biology research at a lab in the med school. But I get most enthusiastic when I talk about the non-academic stuff I do on campus. I LOVE music. I frequent Bing concert hall, I play in a jazz combo, religiously go to the CoHo jazz jams, and I'm always blasting tunes when I'm in my room. Another passion of mine is healthy living. I'm a bona fide health nut - I like to stay active 5-7 days a week! The gym is my second home, but I also love playing tennis, squash, rock climbing, swimming, yoga and meditation. A healthy lifestyle has been my cornerstone in college life and I'm always willing to share my experiences with others and include them in my various activities. Feel free to swing by my room if you ever want a protein shake, to watch some anime, or a clinic in super smash bros!

Gawoon Shim


Hi everyone! This is Gawoon (you can pronounce it Gown, as in dressing gown) and I'll be your Residential Assistant on Adams 3rd floor. I'm a junior majoring in Mechanical Engineering and minoring in Comparative Literature. My ambition is to build a cool robot like BB-8 in Star Wars 7, something very Pixar and Disney-ish. I'm also an international student from Korea so if you want to learn more about the country or simply need someone to join in on your homesickness, come swing by. I absolutely love singing--my favorite artists are Adele, Ed Sheeran, and a number of Korean artists. I've been trying my hand in guitar recently, so tell me your favorite songs and we can jam! I also enjoy sipping on various kinds of tea from my numerous mugs, so feel free to join me on my tea-sipping evenings any time. I 'm really looking forward to meeting you all in September. Welcome to Stanford :D