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FroSoFold: The Art and Science of Origami

Ian Lim and Boris Perkhounkov

FroSoFold is a hands-on exploration of the mathematical and aesthetic principles behind origami, the art of paper-folding. We'll be walking students step-by-step through the construction of a variety of models every session ranging from the simple to the highly complex, as well as discussing the history and science behind this ancient art form. In the context of origami, your instructors will cover topics such as mathematical constructibility, graph theory, and more- no background required, but an interest in mathematical thinking is recommended! Paper will be provided for all in-class activities, and there will be additional paper for students to keep folding their own models even after the conclusion of the class. Warning: you may never see a sheet of paper the same way again.

Video Games: Art, Design and Interaction

Nathalia Scrimshaw

Sundays, 7:30-9, Seminar Room and Adams Lounge

If you want to come and talk about different elements that make video games one of the most popular media today, and experience the beauty of game design for yourself, this soph sem is for you! Together we'll look at the psychological impact of various games, how art and sound affect the playing experience, and the history of interaction design. Gaming enthusiasts of all levels welcome!

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Roll for Initiative: A Guide to Tabletop RPGs

Mary Cirino and Sarah Keglovits

Fridays 8PM

Do you like creative writing, game design, and/or improv? Have you ever been curious about tabletop games? What is the deal with all those funny-shaped dice? Find out in our SoSem!


Dashiell and Angela

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