Our "Dinner at the Deans" series brings renowned Stanford researchers and scholars, entrepreneurs, alumni, artists and inspiring community leaders to the College for fascinating discussions over a dinner at the Deans' residence. For our "Faculty Nights", we ask you to invite a professor from a class you are taking, so you, and your fellow students, can have the opportunity to have dinner with the professor in the comfort of the College's spacious dining room (or you can just join the table of someone else's invitee and get to make new connections).

We take trips around the Bay Area and beyond to visit museums, attend plays, sporting events, and concerts, and dine at fine restaurants. We go skiing and snowboarding at Lake Tahoe, camp in Yosemite, race GoKarts, wander through the stunning Monterey Aquarium, hike through both redwoods and San Francisco's neighbourhoods, and have BBQs on the beautiful, but admittedly occasionally chilly, beaches of the Pacific coast.

And, of course, we often just stay at the College: get together for a good BBQ at the Deans'; crepes, brownies, movies, or the Superbowl in one of the lounges; hanging out with your favourite music and eating ice cream in the living room of one of our College Director's residences; or just throwing a great party.

Our "Think Tank Experience" events, involve a close analysis of some specific problem, often of serious social significance. After developing what we consider to be plausible solutions of the problem, we bring in the "experts" and engage them critically to see what we have missed and, we hope, sometimes to convey to them what we think are our insights.

FroSoCafe, held in the back patio or the living room of the Deans' residence, with warm drinks and excellent food, brings together the community as a whole for discussions on a series of interesting topics picked and moderated by students (discussions are held in parallel on different tables with "discussion jockeys", everyone moves to a different table after 30 minutes ... sounds complicated, but the whole thing is student designed, and just works).

Our Sophomore Seminars are not-for-credit, student-led, mini-courses on a wide range of always original and intriguing topics: whether it is a class on gun control that includes going to a firing range, on the role of food in society - with discussions of etiquette and trips to fine restaurants - photography, or putting together a web startup.

Our students are always coming with all kinds of new things that no one can predict: whether it's building their own car, setting up a carnival for all of us, using some spare space to develop a new water filtration system for developing countries, or trying to put up our own College swimming pool (yes, the pool idea did run afoul of Stanford's safety and liability rules - it's the creativity that counts).