What does pre-assignment mean in general and to FroSoCo residents?

Pre-assignment is the process by which students can elect to opt out of the Housing Draw and commit to live in a specific house the following year. Some of Stanford's on-campus residences offer special academic, cultural, or social programs. Several residences sponsor foreign language study. Other residences support a “cooperative lifestyle”. In these houses known as “co-ops”, students do all the cooking and cleaning that maintain the house & support its residents. In brief, the purpose of pre-assignment is to support and promote the unique academic, social, and cultural programs that many Stanford residences offer. Students who are genuinely interested in, and committed to, a program in a particular residence can “pre-assign” into that residence.

For example, you can choose to stay in FroSoCo, and opt out of the Housing Draw, essentially building your own community of individuals that is committed to the lifestyle that FroSoCo offers.

Any living spaces left vacant once pre-assignment comes to an end are then filled via the Draw. Though the Draw is not an entirely random process (it utilizes a priority system), it does not take into consideration the unique interests of students, or the various themes found across campus.

By pre-assigning into FroSoCo and filling out a Residence Agreement, students bind themselves contractually to living in FroSoCo the following year, and so they cannot participate in the Housing Draw. Housing assignments for those who are pre-assigned are announced before the Draw.

ALL students who pre-assign into FroSoCo will receive premium spaces, i.e. single rooms and two- room doubles, unless they prefer otherwise. More significantly, FroSoCo requires a Tier-3 housing option for pre-assignment, but still offers premium spaces. Generally, a Tier-3 housing option in the Draw will not result in students receiving premium rooms.

General requirements for pre-assignment

In order to apply for pre-assignment students must:

  • Be a currently registered undergraduate student and be eligible for registration the autumn quarter for which they are applying
  • Have a least one guaranteed year remaining at the time of the Draw
  • Be free of any holds on their student record that would preclude them from being pre-assigned to the house
  • Apply to be pre-assigned by the deadline and provide whatever documentation is required to support their application by that date
  • Be willing to forfeit going through the Draw or accepting alternate Draw exempt staff positions

Tier Requirement

Pre-assignment to FroSoCo will REQUIRE the use of a TIER THREE housing choice.

FroSoCo-specific requirements

Pre-assignment to FroSoCo will be considered for students who fulfill ANY of the following conditions:

  1. A current freshman who is returning to FroSoCo for his/her Sophomore Year. Current FroSoCo residents are guaranteed a space should they choose to stay at FroSoCo
  2. An incoming sophomore being sponsored by a current FroSoCo Resident who is returning to FroSoCo for his/her Sophomore Year. Current non-FroSoCo freshmen choosing to be pre-assigned to FroSoCo by being sponsored are required to answer one short essay question, outlining the reasons for why they wish to live in FroSoCo. Current FroSoCo students sponsoring other freshmen may, but are not obligated to room with the person they sponsor
  3. An incoming sophomore who has a special interest in being a part of the FroSoCo community. Current non-FroSoCo non-sponsored freshmen who wish to be pre-assigned to FroSoCo are required to answer two short essay questions, outlining the reasons for why they wish to live in FroSoCo

Pre-assignment policies

  • Students may only apply for pre-assignment to one house
  • If students are selected for a pre-assignment spot in a house, they are automatically assigned to the house and are not eligible to apply for the Housing Draw. Note: You must still file a housing application and list the pre-assigned house as your only choice.
  • Students who are pre-assigned must use a guaranteed year of housing and the tier designated for each house. FroSoCo requires the use of a Tier-3 housing option.

Are you ready to apply for pre-assignment?

You can apply for pre-assignment by submitting an application through the SAAS website at http://saas.stanford.edu/

More Info: https://resed.stanford.edu/house-profiles/preassignment-process

The deadline for submitting an application for pre-assignment is 1:00 p.m. on April 7, 2016.

Housing at-a-glance

Undergraduate students at Stanford University are guaranteed 4 years of housing on campus. All freshmen are automatically assigned to a house. Upper-class undergraduate students (sophomores, juniors, and seniors) may receive on-campus housing by entering the annual Housing Draw, which takes place every spring. Applications for housing are submitted online through Axess. To assign undergraduate students to campus residences, Housing Assignments employs a process that includes three application rounds in the academic year

The Draw

This takes place annually in May. Students applying for housing for any quarter in the next academic year must apply by the Draw deadline. Students who participate in the Draw will receive a first-round (random) Draw number, and are therefore more likely to receive their preferred housing. Also, students have the option of participating in the Draw in groups of up to eight people.

The Waitlist

This occurs each quarter. Single (that is not in a group) undergraduate students who are not assigned housing during the Draw, participate in the waitlist round. Students who participate in the Draw but do not receive their first housing option may request reassignment during this round.


Walk-ins take place after each Waitlist round and for the first 5 weeks of each quarter. This is an assignment period in which remaining vacancies in University housing are available to unassigned single students.

Freshman-Sophomore College Housing Process Timeline

Pre-assignment applications available on SAAS on Tuesday March 29th, 2016: http://saas.stanford.edu/

FROSOCO'S PRE-ASSIGNMENT IN-HOUSE EVENT IS ON Tuesday, April 5, 2016 (8:00 p.m. - 9:15 p.m. at the Dean's Residence)

Pre-assignment applications due at 1:00 p.m. on April 7, 2016: http://saas.stanford.edu/

If you have been pre-assigned, you will be exempted from The Draw & automatically placed into the house to which you have applied. Again, once accepted, you CANNOT decline an offer.